Saturday, April 19, 2008

Voo2do: Project Based ToDo Organizing GTD

Surprised i didn't discover this sooner but better late then never. I'm always fascinated by getting things done todo lists that are able to break tasks into projects and subtask.

Lets just say that there are tasks that constitutes a number of actions and you have to account for that.

Breaking it down well will enable you to realise your objective better.

What makes voo2do different?
Unlike most online to-do lists, voo2do tracks priority, due date, and time estimates for each task. There is no notion of "lists" in voo2do— tasks can be grouped by project, but you can view and edit a bunch of projects together. Voo2do supports some basic sharing of tasks.
The user interface for Voo2do is really kiddy and not much AJAX used from what i observed initially. When i first register and logged in, it doesn't even bring me to the Dashboard!

One aspect of Getting Things Done is that of using context of where the task and projects will be operated. Voo2do will enable you to do that and customized it in alot of ways.

The unique thing about this context inserting is to enable groupwork. I guess this is to facilitate collaboration but i will leave this to later. Adding a simple context is simple.

Next we can enter with our tasks. The crucial thing here is that before you enter your task, you got to make sure you select the context that you want to perform this task at. It seems like i have no way to change the context later.

There are alot of things that you can enter for the task. I realise that you don't have to specify a project which means you can keep track of tasks straight away.

Voo2do do not control how you enter the priority which is strange cause i dunno what i should be putting in there.

Another aspect that Voo2do is different from many is that it takes the same ToDoList concept of keeping track of how long you spend at a task. There is a timer that you can do that. Very interesting but whether it is useful to you is still a debate.

Adding a new project is done at the Project tab. Its easy but i don't think you can specify it on another place. It will immediately go to the Active Projects section.

U can then add the tasks to the project at the Task tab. When you key in "c" it brings up a project that was created. The funny thing is they way it keeps in a small box. I wonder how that would be if you have more projects.

It is during close review that you realise that there are some bad points about Voo2do. First off, it doesn't differentiate much from Reviewing task and editing task. Look at the projects! Its difficult to tell with the small box given during review.

Secondly, if you are looking for something that can create sub projects such as My Life Organized, then this one wouldn't do that as well.

When you complete a task, normally for a web based todo list, you would expect it to be moved to the completed section. Not so. You would need to click save to update the page.

There is a note review tab that enable you to view all your notes at a glance. Voo2do gives you a fair bit of space judging by the lengthy note i written.

The deadline review tab enables the user to see at a glance what is due. Many todo list does that so this is no different. It enables you to view by context.

The collaboration tab is where Voo2do tries to value add. Basically you are able to let other people see your task list and you can set password for that. Perhaps this is useful in a certain situation but i think there are many ways to share this with colleagues.

This to me applies well if you wanna let your mom see what things you will buy when you go to work so that she knows you are helping her buy it.

Your partners sees this!


Note the best list i found but it should appeal to some. The biggest problem i have with it is the design of it.

Features wise it is pretty useful. But My Life Organized beats this fairly well.


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