Monday, December 22, 2008

Virtual Box new version supports 64bit guest OS [Virtualization]

VirtualBox 2.1

Now this is something new. I have been using virtualization technology for a long time and there are many benefits to this. Particularly, it enables me to try out different operating systems and not compromise my main desktop setup.

At work, we use it to simulate many clients to server setups,with limited physical hardware. But this release is quite good i feel.

Among the new features introduce:

  • Ability to load 64-bit guest operating systems on host machines running 32-bit operating systems
  • Experimental 3D acceleration via OpenGL on 32-bit Windows guest systems
  • Easier setup for networking on Windows and Linux host systems
3D acceleration! not sure if this is a first but maybe i can experiement by playing some 3D games in it.

[Download Virtual Box here]


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