Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Door Tables: Cost Effective Good Productivity Solution [DIY][GTD]

I was reading through David Allen's Getting Things Done and something clicked in my head when he mentions how he things we can create a good productivity work bench by using a door and some cabinets as legs:

If i had to set up an emergency workstation in just a few minutes, i would buy a door, put it on top 2 two-drawer filling cabinets (one at each end),place three stack baskets on it, and add a legal pad and a pen.That would be my home base.

I thought that was truely innovative but in my Singapore context, it might be cheaper. U don't have to go out and buy a door,since i believe a door ain't cheap! U can buy a rectangular surface from IKEA at Tampines or Bukit Merah for less than 70 SGD i believe. Add 2 file cabinets and you are ready to roll!

However, we have seen much construction in new estates due to renovation works, which makes me wonder if we can get a door on a cheap. It is a good solution if you are tight on money and require a good desk for your kids or yourself to work.

And it doesn't have to look Ugly!

Here are some resources to get you started.

PDF Guide to creating a door table like below
- Design*Sponge

Door = Table - Grocery Guy


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