Monday, February 2, 2009

Syncplicity for Mac and Windows: More sync storage for you

I have been a fervent user of the online folder syncing application Dropbox for some time. Its really smooth to use and

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its like having a online backup and files version control all in one. You would really enjoy syncing between 3 computers since nowadays you would most likely have
  1. one computer at work
  2. one computer at home
  3. one umpc or laptop
Dropbox allows you to have 2GB of free data syncing. Syncplicity works the same way. However, i think their download and upload of files is much much slower than dropbox. You would really feel that speed problem. Having said that Syncplicity have almost the same pricing model as Dropbox. Their free synching gives you 2 GB as well. do give it a try!
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